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Spring Sports Reminder: Always Wear a Mouthguard!

Now that spring is in full bloom, Sherrill’s Ford Pediatric Dentistry would like to remind our clients about the importance of wearing a mouthguard during high-contact sports, like baseball and softball. The American Dental Association estimates that use of a mouthguard can prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries each year! Below is some more information about how the use of mouthguards can protect your child’s teeth.

What Can Happen Without a Mouthguard?

Injuries that can occur without the use of a mouthguard include:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Fractured crowns or bridges
  • Lip and cheek injuries
  • Root damage to the teeth
  • Fractured jaws
  • Concussions

Mouthguards are usually mandatory in collision sports such as football, hockey, and boxing. But they should also be used in other contact sports like basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, soccer and volleyball. When it comes to your child’s dental health and safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Sports-Related Tooth Injuries by the Numbers

An ADA-sponsored study of high school athletes found that:

  • 75% of injuries occurred when mouthguards were not worn
  • 56% of all concussions occurred when mouthguards were not worn
  • 40% percent occurred during baseball and basketball season
  • 9% percent of all athletes suffer some type of oral injury
  • 3% percent of athletes report a loss of consciousness

The verdict is clear: whether child or adult, a mouthguard should be essential for all athletes.

Which Mouthguard Should I Choose?

Mouthguards vary in cost, comfort, and durability. Mouth-formed or “boil-and-bite” mouthguards are available at most sporting goods stores, but come in limited sizes that may not fit your child correctly. A boil-and-bite mouthguard also presents the drawback of being very thin, so it can be easily molded once bitten. A pediatric dentist can help craft a custom mouthguard that conforms perfectly to your child’s mouth, providing both increased protection and a perfect fit!

Order a Custom Mouthguard from Our Sherrill’s Ford Pediatric Dentist!

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