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Kannapolis Pediatric Dentist Shares Tips to Care for Your Child’s Teeth

Truth: You’re never fully dressed without a smile – Annie Bennett

Now: How do we keep our kid’s teeth healthy and strong all year long? And then, how do we bring that enthusiasm to our children?

No matter the temperature outside, or the color of the trees, fundamental dental hygiene practices are always in season! Those tried-and-true dental care rules we learned when we were younger still applies to kids today, too! We’re talking about the essential rules of thumb like using proper brushing technique (small circles without too much pressure, brush for two minutes), floss daily, and – our personal favorite – visit the dentist twice a year! Cabarrus Pediatric Dentistry applies these techniques every time we brush our teeth, and every time we brush your kids’ teeth…especially after all of the holiday treats!

Holiday Sweets

Who doesn’t love stuffing their face during Thanksgiving with Grandmas famous apple pie, or with the sweet, sugary taste of homemade cranberry sauce? Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends, life, and – what lets us eat- our teeth! Though, all of these amazing dishes bring their specialty of sugars and sweets to attack your kid’s teeth.

Your kid should be able to enjoy all of Grandmas famous recipes and baking with her may be a special tradition but, balance is key. Make sure your kids aren’t eating all of the apple pie in one sitting, limit the sugar consumption to a bit at a time…you can savor the pie that way too! Cabarrus Pediatric Dentistry highly recommends brushing right after treats. You’ll be cleaning the teeth right away, and you’ll be defining a boundary – no more sweets after brushing.

Holidays are a special time with special treats but, be sweet to your kids’ teeth too. Limit dessert intake and make sure to brush right after.